Rehab Express are distributed free-of-charge to all Hong Kong public hospitals, clinics, elderly services organisations and Community Health Centres. It is also through all Cheers Gallery outlets.

Featuring articles written by health care experts and professionals, Rehab Express has been providing useful rehabilitation information to patients and thus facilitating their rehabilitation process. The success of Rehab Express is largely due to the support of the staff from hospitals and related organisations, as well as patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

We are grateful to readers for their support to the magazine since its establishment. Starting from the 18th Issue, “Rehab Express” was published in brand new layout with modifying its content to be more closer to our daily life.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Hospital Authority, various medical and elderly services organisations, health care professionals and various patients groups. With their contribution and support, “Rehab Express” can keep on improve and become more popular among the mass readers.

Distribution figure: 20,000 copies (bi-monthly issue)

Distribution channels: “Rehab Express” are distributed to all public hospitals in Hong Kong , clinics, elderly services organisations and Community Health Centres. It is also distributed free of charge at all “Cheers Gallery” outlets

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Heartfelt Message from the Cover People

Mr. Ng Kim Wah
Vice President For Administration Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Health is the basic rights of human being. Rehab Express keeps providing health information and bearing significant social responsibilities. We must abandon the lifestyle which threaten the ecology and protect the earth so that we can escape from living in the adverse environment in future. Also, we must remember that health not only means to live without sickness, but also physically and mentally to adapt to the society and environment.

Ms. Paw Hee Ching
Winner of the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress

A little more warmth, a little less indifference;
A little more caring, a little less discrimination;
A little more love, a little less hatred;
Give more, calculate less;
More on the right path, fewer on the wrong one;

Let’s work together and give out more positive energy and support to “Rehab Express” in helping the needed ones.

Dr. Philemon Choi
Founder, Breakthrough Ltd.

Rehabilitation is an important agenda for everyone as we all experience stress and trauma, whether it’s physical, psychological, social or spiritual. “Rehab Express” is a platform for, various professionals interact with each other, brings us some touching stories on rehabilitation. It facilities rehabilitation services to upgrade their professional standard.

Professor Joseph JY Sung
Vice Chancellor, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

Negligence of health is common in this hectic city. “Rehab Express” fills this gap by providing comprehensive health information such as healthy diet, disease prevention, patient care and physical and mental rehabilitation. It does not only help citizens adopt a healthy attitude toward daily life, but also takes the initiative to care for patients and the disadvantaged groups, and acts as a role model for the society.

Ms. Christine MS Fang
Former Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

In today’s society, knowledge can change one’s life. Being the flagship of social enterprises, MentalCare Connect understands this perfectly. It introduced the first rehabilitation magazine, “Rehab Express” in Hong Kong and provide what the public awared of; i.e. knowledge on disease prevention, treatment, diet management and relevant auxiliary service. Apart from providing abundant information and rehabilitation products, it also connects people in the society caring those under rehabilitation. It brings us great social benefits.

Mrs. Rita Fan
National People's Congress Standing Committee

Healthy is Wealthy. Both mental and physical health is important. "Rehab Express" provides one-stop information services on these two aspects to the patients and their caregivers. Content includes prevention of diseases, medical knowledge, sharing of renowned people, psychological counseling, etc. It is a treasure trove of health guidebook as it does not only provide plentiful medical knowledge to readers, but also encourages patients to develop a positive attitude towards illness.

Dr. Ko Wing Man
Secretary for Food and Health

The content of “Rehab Express” is very comprehensive, including the knowledge and prevention of diseases, dietetic treatment on different patients', introduction of rehabilitation products, etc. With the infinite care and sincere service of the staff, MentalCare Connect has been awarded the Caring Company Logo and became a well-established Social Enterprise in Hong Kong which committed in creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantaged.

Ms. Chan Yuen-han
Honoray President

“Rehab Express” dose not only provide correct health information to the public, but is also a “Social Enterprise”. Besides publishing and disseminating health information, it also provides job opportunities to the disadvantaged groups through the operation of rehabilitation products express delivery service. IT brings positive impact to the society and is a model for “social enterprises”.