MentalCare Connect obtained seed money from the “Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise Project” of the Social Welfare Department in early 2009 and established the “Cheers” Marketing & Promotion Service. We have been providing one-stop marketing and promotion service for medical and rehabilitation products. Employment opportunities were also offered to disabled people.

“Cheers Gallery” and “Rehab Express” have accumulated extensive experience through serving various patients throughout these years. We have also established a comprehensive membership system and have a thorough understanding of customers’ consumption pattern and rehabilitation needs. With our marketing and promotion channels in the “Niche Market”, we have become the ideal marketing partner of various suppliers of medical and rehabilitation products and pharmaceutical companies.

Service areas include:

  • Consultancy service on long-term/short-term strategic development
  • Market positioning plan for products
  • Tailor-made marketing and promotion plan
  • Design and printing
  • Handbill express delivery and distribution service
  • Direct marketing (including email and postal mail)
  • Telemarketing
  • Organization of seminars on health education

Marketing and promotion channels of “Cheers” Marketing & Promotion Service include:

  • Retail shop network of “Cheers Gallery” at various public hospitals in Hong Kong
  • “Rehab Express” Magazine
  • “Rehab Express” Online Shop
  • Membership Scheme of “Cheers Gallery”
  • Seminars on health education
  • Patients resource centers and patients groups
  • Elderly centers and related associations/organizations in various districts