10 staff were awarded in the “SE Staff Recognition Scheme” Back Page
Ten staff of MentalCare Connect were awarded in the “SE Staff Recognition Scheme”. “SE Staff Recognition Scheme” is organized by the Social Enterprise Summit. The Scheme aims to give recognition to the contribution of outstanding staff who is working at social enterprises and to enhance public understanding to social enterprises.

Award Presentation Ceremony: 11th November 2013
Ho Mai Lin - “Cheers Gallery” Tseung Kwan O Hospital Rehab Shop
Jenny Lam - “Cheers Gallery” Pok Oi Hospital Convenience Store & Rehab Shop
May Wong - “Cheers Gallery” Queen Mary Hospital Rehab Links
Fung Sing Tou - “Cheers Gallery” Queen Elizabeth Hospital Rehab Shop
Henry Suen - “Cheers Gallery” Caritas Medical Centre Rehab Links
Tiffany Kwok - “Rehab Express” Direct Sales Service
Man Ling Kwan - “Cheers Gallery” North District Hospital Convenience Store
Lam Yuet Ngor - “Cheers Point” (Nanking Street)
Amen Nieh - “Cheers Gallery” Tuen Mun Hospital Rehab Shop
Wong Oi Wan - “Cheers” Marketing & Promotion Service