Customers support in the voting of “My Top Five Favorite Social Enterprises” Back Page
“My Top Five Favorite Social Enterprises” voting, by ET net’s “Social Enterprise Gallery” was held in March 2013. MentalCare Connect gained supports through the voting and encouraging messages from the community. We are grateful to gain customers’ long-term support.

Winning Message:
Lee Yuen Fong (Extract)
As a social enterprise, “Cheers Gallery” achieves the performance of product diversification. But more importantly, life have been changed and delighted here: many shop staff once faced emotional illness, depression, lack of confidence, difficult in communication with others, pessimistic as well as underestimation of their abilities. But today, they are able to work independently and to be a professional staff. They have actually paid much effort behind their outstanding performance. It is not an easy task for them to serve the customers with smiley face and rich product knowledge.

Other Message
Ng Sau Man
MentalCare Connect holds the mission of helping the people with mental illness back to the working force by utilizing their strengths and aims to diversify the Company’s business. All these reasons make MentalCare Connect becomes my favorite brand!