Mr Chung Wai Shing shared the experience of SEs operations on RTHK Radio 5 Back Page
Managing Director of MentalCare Connect Co Ltd, Mr. Chung Wai Shing, shared the mode and clues of operation of SEs in Hong Kong on RTHK Radio 5 ( Radio College for the Elderly – Elderly Set Up Business ). The related episodes were broadcasted on 7 & 14 April and 19 & 26 May. Please click the following links for details:

長進課程~長者創業秘笈 2014-04-07 第六節 --如何認識社會需要----眾裏尋它

長進課程~長者創業秘笈 2014-04-14 第七節 --如何將需要變成生意

長進課程~長者創業秘笈 2014-05-19 第十二節 --新創社企生態介紹

長進課程~長者創業秘笈 2014-05-26 第十三節 --社企在香港