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“MentalCare Connect” was awarded the certificate of 20th consecutive years “Caring Company” Logo. The logo praised the Company for its proactive promotion in the good corporate citizenship and social inclusiveness.
“Cheers Gallery” Kwong Wah Hospital Rehab Shop opened in the new building of Kwong Wah Hospital
“Cheers Gallery” Rehab Links (Waterloo Road) expanded its floor area through renting the adjacent shop. This enhances the product mix of rehab products and furniture and create a better shopping experience to our customers.
Opened “Cheers Coop Plus” Convenience Store in the Departure Waiting Hall, Deck 1, Inner Pier of the Macau Ferry Terminal, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Cheers Gallery further developed its retail network by opening shops at Shatin Hospital and Grantham Hospital.
The first “Friendchised” Convenience Store started the operations in Tseung Kwan O Hospital under the tripartite cooperations of 7-Eleven X Mindset X MentalCare Connect.
MentalCare Connect held the Luncheon cum Social Procurement Prize Award for celebrating its 20th Anniversary.
“Cheers Gallery” strategically expanded its Rehab Shop community network. Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay Rehab Links were opened.

The opening of "Cheers Gallery” PYNEH Hospital Rehab Shop further developed the hospital retail network. “Cheers Gallery” Tuen Mun Hospital Rehab Shop was relocated and expanding in scale. This rendered more sophisticated product mix to our customers.
“Cheers Gallery” further expanded its Rehab Shop community network at Market Street, Tsuen Wan and Nam On Street, Shau Kei Wan, along with opening Cheers Coop Plus in Immigration Tower.

“Cheers Gallery” Pok Oi Hospital Rehab Shop / Convenience Store was relocated to adjacent shop space in August 2020 and further provided 24-hour service.
The 1st Social Procurement Award Presentation Ceremony.

Opened "Cheers Gallery" Princess Margaret Hospital Rehab Links, "Cheers Gallery" Lai King Building Convenience Store and “Cheers Coop" (Wan Chai).

Organization Consumption Scheme & “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop acquired Silver Award in the 10th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards.
“MentalCare Connect” and its brand “Cheers Co-op” awarded “Friendly Employment Award” and “Outstanding Inclusive Team Award” in “Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme 2017-2018”.

MentalCare Connect awarded the certificate of 15th consecutive years Caring Company Logo.

Opening of “Cheers Gallery” Kwong Wah Hospital Rehab Link.

“MentalCare Connect” awarded as “Family-Friendly Employers” thrice since 2011 and thus awarded “Special Mention (Gold) Awards”. In addition, the Company was presented the “Awards for Breastfeeding Support” in “2017/18 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme”.
"MentalCare Connect" won the highest accolade in the social enterprise category of "The 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards".
MentalCare Connect 15th Anniversary Cocktails Party cum SE Mall Kick-Off Ceremony.

Further expansion of Logistics and Customer Services Centre by leasing a 5,000 sq ft premises.

MentalCare Connect Co Ltd – Cheers Co-op awarded the Incubating Member in SEE Mark.

Business Expansion of Cheers Gallery Rehab Links at Queen Mary Hospital.
“MentalCare Connect” opened its third street front shop of “Cheers Gallery” located at Hip Wo Street.

Flagship Store of “Cheers Coop” was opened in Causeway Bay, serving more than 20 associations and corporates, with a total number of 300,000 of staff or members.

Setting up the staff canteen in Kwong Wah Hospital.
The second street front shop of “Cheers Gallery” – 31B Waterloo Road was opened.

Operations of “Cheers Café” in TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital - the first outlet holding General Restaurant Licence.
Established Logistic and Customer Service Centre with an area of 3,000 sq ft.

Comprehensive revamp and upgrade POS system.

The revenue exceeded HK$100 million.

“Rehab Express” was awarded with the Golden Award of “The 5th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award” (Social Enterprise Category).

“MentalCare Connect” acquired - ”Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer Certificate” in Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme 2013/2014”

“MentalCare Connect” was awarded “Supreme Inclusive Organisation” in “Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme”.

“Cheers Gallery” acquired SEE mark - Advanced.
In Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2013, “Cheers Gallery“ Rehab Shop was awarded with “Branding and Marketing” Champion, “Employee Satisfaction” Champion, & “Customer Satisfaction” Meritorious Award.

“MentalCare Connect” acquired Silver Award of “The 4th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award” (Social Enterprise Category).
Established the online platform of HA Co-op Shop.

Developed “Organisational Consumption Project” and set up “Cheers Point Net “ for the staff of associations and corporates.

Acquired 10+ Caring Company Logo.
“MentalCare Connect” organized the luncheon for celebrating the Company 10th anniversary. Mr. Matthew Cheung, JP the then Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau, was invited as the officiating guest.

Secured the bid for the operations of Hospital Authority Staff Co-op Shop.
Collaborated with Hung Fook Tong to start up the catering business in North District Hospital and “Cheers Bakery” in Tuen Mun Hospital.
First street front shop of “Cheers Gallery” was opened in Nanking Street. This symbolized “Cheers Gallery” emerged to the competition of open market.
“Cheers” Marketing and Promotion Services were established for strategic marketing of “Rehab Express” Magazine, physical shop and suppliers networks.
Established the largest online Rehab product platform in Hong Kong and the publication of free “Rehab Express” magazine.
“Rehab Express” Direct Sales Service was started up with the subsidy of “Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise” Project.

Profit was recorded after 5-year operations.
Selected “Cheers Gallery” to run the trial operations of direct sales services.
Six shops of “Cheers Gallery” Convenience Stores and Rehab Shops were launched in the market.
“MentalCare Connect “ successfully bid for the operations of Rehab Shop in Tseung Kwan O Hospital.
MHAHK established MentalCare Connect Company Limited and further contracted with Social Welfare Department. The Company was the first batch of social enterprise receiving the funding from “Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme” for setting up the business.

The then Director of Social Welfare, Mrs. Carrie Lam, JP was the officiating guest of the opening ceremonies of home appliance store and “Cheers Gallery” Ruttonjee Hospital Convenience Store.