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Corporate Social Responsibilities - Overview

MentalCare Connect believes that corporate social responsibility is an important element in maintaining the sustainable development of the Company. Over the years, the company has implemented and valued the interests and expectations of all stakeholders and set a vision for "Everyone should have equal and dignified employment opportunities" . The Company strives to create employment opportunities with dignity for the disabled and disadvantaged people through social enterprise model and further promote the mental health in workplace.

MentalCare Connect understands that manpower is the most valuable asset for the Company’s sustainability. Besides provision of fair employment conditions to the staff, the company also creates a family-friendly working environment for work-life balance.

A. Creation of Employment Opportunities
MentalCare Connect is committed to creating employment opportunities for those are disabled and disadvantaged. According to the company's latest annual report, over 60% of its employees are disabled and vulnerable groups of people. In addition, the operating profit will be fully invested in the future business development.

B. Participation in Philanthropic Activities
MentalCare Connect proactively carries out charitable donations and corporate social responsibility, including setting up donation boxes for The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, sponsoring activities of hospitals, promoting ethical consumption by purchasing products or services from other social enterprises, and selling products of sheltered workshops. Staff volunteers are entitled to take compensation leave upon participating in charity events.

C. Support Green Campaign
Cheers Café at North District Hospital is currently using tableware made from biodegradable materials. Recycling of recycled tableware may also extend to other restaurants.

D. Promotion of “Buy Social”
To enable the self-sustainability of social enterprises and promote “Buy Social” Movement