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Hong Kong's first rehabilitation magazine
Online Content:https://www.rehabexpress.com.hk/rehabexpress-magazine
20,000 copies were distributed to more than 2,000 locations in Hong Kong, including 40 public hospitals, more than 200 clinics, laboratories, social welfare organizations, elderly homes and district bodies.
Share more knowledge and know-how in relation to rehab care with readers, and further relay the information of rehab products to patients and caregivers so as to strengthen the confidence of patients and caregivers in the course of rehabilitation and promote the patient recovery process.
Provide free pages for patient's self-help organizations or social welfare organizations to introduce rare genetic diseases or the activities of these organizations. The number of free pages increased from 4 pages to 6 pages per issue. The readers can be beneficial with its sharing of the latest rehab products and the updated information as well as keeping abreast of the rehabilitation development.
HA Staff Coop Magazine

To provide quality products and sales services to nearly 80,000 HA staff and 20,000 retirees, the bi-monthly magazine allows the readers to view the privileged packages and products at a glance.

The booklet collects all festive and trendy goods. The members can grasp the best discount offers at one hand.