CEO interviewed by “Social Enterprises Promotion” of Leo Club

In order to enhance the public understanding of social enterprises, Leo Club of Hong Kong Island launched “Social Enterprises Promotion”. Mr. Chung Wai Shing, CEO of MentalCare Connect, was interviewed in “Cheers Café”, Wong Tai Sin Hospital. He mentioned that the vision of the Company was to create an equal and dignified employment opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged people. Apart from talking about the business development, “MentalCare Connect” also concerned about the growth of employees’ career. The Company had a flexible scheme and arrangement for strengthening the staff’s confidence and helping them to have a better achievement. Mr. Chung indicated that the Company has many successful stories, including the promotional tiers from shopkeeper to shop supervisor and further trained his / her subordinates to grow. This is a typical model of passing know-how from generation to generation; another case was one of our staff discovered the interest and dreams through working in the café.

In the video, Mr. Chung shared the belief of “MentalCare Connect” and introduced the brand new business – “SE Mall”, and its “Buy Social” concept to encourage the public to support the business of social enterprises.