Organizations had site visit in “Cheers Co-op” on May

Volunteers in Agency for Volunteer Service had site visit to Cheers Co-op on May 13. In the visit, they gain more understanding about the mode of operation and the working experience of the disadvantaged in Cheers Co-op through our colleagues’ introductions and sharing. The guests are interested in raising questions about Cheers Co-op, and willing to recommend their friends to join the membership programme for experiencing the ethical consumption in Cheers Co-op.

In addition, organizations from ZhuHai’s representatives coming from Zhu Hai Disabled Person’s Federation, Zhu Hai Bai Yun Rehabilitation Hospital (珠海白雲康復醫院) and Zhu Hai CiAi Mental Rehabilitation Hospital (珠海慈愛精神康復醫院), going visited Cheers Co-op on May 16. They toured around and experienced the ethical consumption in Cheers Co-op.