Collaboration of “MentalCare Connect” and “Action Medical Sundries Ltd.” for caring the underprivileged in the society

Despite the number of cases of coronavirus infection were reduced significantly, there are still sporadic cases scattered around the territory. Facial mask becomes a necessity to the general public which is the same to the disadvantaged and underprivileged groups of people.

In the last six months, "MentalCare Connect" and "Action Medical" collaborate together to ensure a stable supply of facial mask to social welfare organisations and medical profession.

"Action Medical" donated 20,000 of "Canuxi" masks to The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and "MentalCare Connect", for supporting families with disabilities and the staff of the social enterprises. Through the network of “MentalCare Connect”, "Action Medical" also donated 4,000 adult and child masks respectively to the "Jolly Family" of the Open Door Ministries Ltd. and the "Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong - Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers (New Territories)" to support the underprivileged families in Lam Tin District, as well as those living in sub-divided units and working class in the New Territories.

The epidemic is believed to continue for a certain period of time. It is a shared vision that different companies can undertake their social responsibility to help the disadvantaged to ride out the current difficult times.