“MentalCare Connect” 20th Anniversary Celebration - Sentiments Contest

“MentalCare Connect” 20th Anniversary Celebration - Sentiments Contest was recently completed. In the contest, a total of 40 colleagues shared their working perception, feeling and complement to the Company and its anniversary. An award ceremony for the best quotes was held at the Head Office on 9 June. Twelve winners each receive a cash prize of HK$1,000 while the other participants each received a HK$100 Wellcome supermarket cash voucher. The list of award winners was as follows:`

Shop Supervisor, "Cheers Gallery" Rehab Links @ Market Street

Mr. Fung Shing To

Senior Shop Keeper, “Cheers Gallery” Pok Oi Hospital Rehab Shop|Convenience Store

Ms. Eva Yuen

Shop Supervisor, “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Links @ Hip Wo Street

Ms. Chan Sau Lai

Shop Supervisor, "Cheers Gallery" Caritas Medical Centre Rehab Links

Ms. Tse Po Chun

Senior Shop Keeper, “Cheers Gallery” Tuen Mun Hospital Rehab Shop

Ms. Kwok Pui Lam

Shop Supervisor, "Cheers Gallery" Prince of Wales Hospital Convenience Store

Mr. Kei Sik Hung

Shop Supervisor, “Cheers Gallery” Ruttonjee Hospital Convenience Store

Ms. Lee Ping

Shop Keeper, “Cheers Gallery” Tseung Kwan O Hospital Rehab Shop

Ms. Chan Lai Wah

CS & Logistic Service Officer, "Rehab Express" Direct Sales Service

Ms. Teresa Tong

Graphic Designer

Mr. Don Cheung

Senior Administrative Officer

Ms. Printemps Lee

Senior Manager (Retail Marketing)

Ms. Winnie Kam