Tripartite cooperation facilitates the employment of People in Recovery

MentalCare Connect is a place for people in recovery to settle down in working. There maybe hindrance and limitation in generation of social impact for a social enterprise in SME scale. It was believed the comprehensive retail coverage of convenience stores and its sophisticated management system of 7-ELEVEN X funding and professional volunteer support of charitable organization set up by “MINDSET” of Jardine Group X 20 years experience of employing people in recovery from MentalCare Connect. All these created a renowned cooperation for more employment possibilities to people in recovery, resulting in generating more knowledge and skill set to inspire other business units of Jardine Group, even to other enterprises in the territory. The endeavour from the three parties led to the first “Friendchised” Convenience Store starting the operations in Tseung Kwan O Hospital on 1 September 2022.