Hong Kong Social Enterprise Employee Recognition Scheme 2023

"Hong Kong Social Enterprises Employee Recognition Scheme 2023" was held by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises, and was co-organized by Social Innovation Charity Limited and Social Enterprise Summit. The ceremony was held at “ClubONE - The Victoria”, Tsim Sha Tsui on December 7, 2023.

12 staff of “MentalCare Connect” were awarded Outstanding Employee. Details were tabulated as follows:

 Mr. Wong Kwok Wing   Cheers Point Net 
 Mr. Choi Pak Long  MentalCare Connect Co. Ltd.
 Ms. Leung Hau Yan Ada   Rehab Express 
 Ms. Kwong Ka Wai  "Cheers" Marketing & Promotion Service
 Mr. Lau Kwok Wing  "Cheers Gallery" Tai Po Hospital Convenience Store
 Ms. Chau Wai Man  “Cheers Gallery” North District Hospital Convenience Store
 Mr. Wan Sai Yuen  "Cheers Gallery" Lai King Building Convenience Store
 Mr. Kwok Yiu Kan  “Cheers Gallery” Pok Oi Hospital Rehab Shop/Convenience Store 
 Ms. Luo Lee  "Cheers Gallery" Rehab Links (Waterloo Road)
 Ms. Wong Yuk Ting  "Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop (Nanking Street)
 Ms. Lai Kam Fat  “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Links ( Hip Wo Street) 
 Ms. Yu Choi Hung  Hospital Authority Staff Co-op Shop


Ms. Fung Tan Lui working in the first "Friendchised" convenience store jointly cooperated by “MINDSET”, 7-ELEVEN, "MentalCare Connect" and was awarded the “Best Team Spirit Award". This is the accolade recognizing her outstanding performance and cooperativeness at work.