Announcement of results of "MentalCare Connect” 20th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

MentalCare Connect 20th Anniversary Logo Contest was completed and result was announced on 25 November. Each piece of work reflects and demonstrates the joy of the Company anniversary celebration. We thanked each contestant for the support and participation.

Among the entries, Mr. Chung Pak Yin won the Design Award. His piece of work integrates the elements of “20” and “Let’s Cheers” in the logo design. The following is the remarks from Mr. Chung for further explaining the design concept.

“Let’s Cheers” is the most important concept in the logo design. The letter “C” fused with the number “0” of “20” and further form the letter “Cheers”. The colour selected is matte gold, epitomizing the joyfulness in celebration at large. This further translates the elegance and joy in MentalCare Connect’s 20th anniversary celebration. A total of 20 stars in the vicinity of the word “Cheers” resembling the Company endeavor for achieving fruitful result each year. The stars varied in size but gradually enlarged to become the dazzling starlight under the sky of Hong Kong, symbolizing the effort of over 200 staff throughout the years.

The Design logo will be used in conjunction with the Company logo in “20th Anniversary" events and promotional materials. With echoing the logo design idea, MentalCare Connect will continue to shine brightly in the future.